"Massachusetts Microwave Corporation has been there for us in time of need and has walked our technicians through difficult situations. They have provided excellent customer service from diagnostics to equipment repair or replacement. Mass. Microwave covers microwave radios from sea to sea. Being on the west cost it is hard to reach support personnel when equipment breaks. MMC has always been available for consultation. They have provided new or replacement equipment and product support from diagnostics to Test and Turn up of components and systems. MMC has helped our technicians overcome difficult situations in a timely manner. MMC cares about the people they help with follow-up calls to ensure equipment is working to their satisfaction."
Scott, CenturyLink
"Massachusetts Microwave is an industry leader in customer care and service. They have always been willing to go the extra mile in making sure our microwave repair needs are met and do so in a professional manner."
Mike, Union Telephone
"When I started, 7 1/2 years ago as repair/return coordinator, the outgoing person left in a hurry without leaving documentation. During my large learning curve, we had a major outage and I called Mass. Microwave to describe the part I needed. It was a DMC (Digital Microwave Corporation) splitter. A passive device that somehow had failed (I'll never forget what that part looks like). They knew exactly what I was talking about and shipped it immediately. I was so new I didn't even know how we were going to pay for it. They said not to worry about. I never forgot that moment and recently speaking to them, I recalled that story. Oh, they never did charge us for the part. Years later I was able to return a working the part to him. It wasn't about the money it was about the close friendship that I had made. They have always come through for me and our company in a pinch. Loaning us parts and doing advance exchanges. They have enabled me, with their knowledge and expertise, to provide exceptional quality and service to my customers."
Paul, Rogers Wireless
"We manage a 7 site Alcatel microwave system for a high school district in Arizona and feel confident that we have a partner in Mass Microwave. Whether it be replacement parts, test equipment or technical support, help is just a phone call away. We feel confident supporting our systems knowing that Mass Microwave is there for us"
Dan, Tempe School District
"I have been using Massachusetts Microwave Corporation for the repair of microwave radio parts for more than four years and I am extremely happy with the service I have received from them. They are one of the most responsive and accommodating vendors I work with. I have recommended Mass Microwave on many occasions and will continue to do so in the future."
Michael, Verizon Wireless
"We appreciate all the support we have received from Massachusetts Microwave, with problem solving and with hardware repair. Of the companies we deal with, their customer support is by far the best."
Ted, Alaska Communications Systems
"We have been using Massachusetts Microwave Corp to repair our older STL/TSL radios for several years now. We have several radios of the MA-6G series, along with the MA-23CC and MA-23CX series. When we have had issues, not only did MMC send us a loaner unit, but repaired and recalibrated our units in a very short time, almost painlessly. When it came time to look at increased bandwidth for the use of digital broadcasting, they came up with a DS3 radio system that was very cost effective, easy to install and used our current STL/TSL dishes. With the use of this new system, we are able to transport two full broadcast stations signals, 6 streams altogether, to our two full power stations. In addition, we are able to send multiple streams of ENG, security cameras and station monitoring back to our studio and have high speed internet thru the link at our transmitter site. Overall, a win-win cost effective system and company."
"I have worked with Mass MW for more than 5 years and have always talked with someone or received a callback within 24 hours. They always seem to have my Alcatel radios parts (the hard to find ones for the older systems) on hand. They have more than a few times helped trouble shoot problems on some of my working systems and if I needed parts they provided them. Overall this has been a great working relationship; I have been able to make my due dates with their help."
Darrell, Frontier/Citizens Communications
"I started ordering miscellaneous parts in 2006 from Massachusetts Microwave and always found them to work well. In 2008 I decided to buy an MDR-5606 Hot standby radio test bed from Mass Microwave. They built it with a version 1 radio in the A position and a version II radio in the B position, as we had both types in our system.The best part is that I can call Mass Microwave and get a working part shipped that day with a one year warranty. They have sent me a lot of miscellaneous parts like RF cables that allow me to swap unlike modules such as PAs. I would recommend Massachusetts Microwave to anyone, but particularly people like myself that support legacy systems."
Glen, County of Santa Barbara
"I cannot begin to say enough about the support that has been given to us by Massachusetts Microwave Corp. What ever our needs are, they have a way of always filling them. When the equipment came back from repair it worked just great! Some of our locations are very remote and cannot be accessed for months at a time. It was nice to know we had nothing to be worried about when we locked the door and walked away. THANKS Mass. Microwave Corp."
Keith, Chief Engineer KGWN TV 5
"The team at Massachusetts Microwave Corp consistently demonstrates a superior level of responsiveness to our microwave needs. Whether it is parts or repair service, they deliver with cost effectiveness, timeliness and guaranteed quality. It's a win-win-win combination here."
"In the course of repairing our microwave transport equipment, I discovered Massachusetts Microwave. In researching my options for repairing or replacing some particularly uncommon microwave equipment, I learned that most of the vendors I was working with, would turn to Mass Microwave for their bench work and for getting valuable information on our unique apparatus. A high degree of efficiency combined with solid technical assistance that extends beyond normal business hours makes Massachusetts Microwave the paramount authority on all things microwave."
Shaun, CenturyLink
"I have had many occasions to use the services of Mass. Microwave, and have always been more than satisfied. They have a vast knowledge of RF systems and are more than willing to help when you have a problem. They are great people to work with, and I consider them an invaluable resource."
Robert C Blair, WPDE / WWMB Engineering