About Us
Created by a microwave engineer, Massachusetts Microwave Corporation is anchored in microwave technology. We are focused on long-term technically based business relationships and not short term sales.

Unlike a sales-based company, we are unique in our approach toward the industries that we lead. From its inception in 1994, Mass Microwave has made the technical commitment to the business by investing the copious time, the vast quantities of test equipment and the experienced technical personnel to be one of the best engineering-based microwave radio companies in the US.

During our 29 years in business, we have amassed the intellectual capital that truly sets us apart from others. We are laser-focused in our approach to our industry. We are devoted only to microwave radio and accessories, unencumbered by the distractions of trying to sell everything to everyone. Our intention is simple – choose one business and be the very best at it.

Our Parts and Repairs are 100% Tested, Include a 1-Year Warranty, Unparalleled Free Tech Support. NO Out-of-Box Failures - Period.
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