Alcatel MDR-5000

Alcatel MDR-5000 Repair, 100% Tested, 1-Year Warranty, Unparalleled Free Tech Support, NO Out-of-Box Failures - Period.

The Alcatel MDR-5000 family of digital radios is available in capacities of 4, 8 or 12 DS1s. Available in multiple frequency bands, these radios offer several alternatives to narrowband users. The MDR-5000 radios provide the ability to upgrade to a higher capacity while in service, with no outage on a protected system. These radios are ideal for tying cell sites and cellular switches together in either backbone routes or spur applications.

Mass Microwave Corp. provides Alcatel MDR-5000 Repairs, Alcatel MDR-5000 Sales and Alcatel MDR-5000 Fully Tested Spare Parts:

  • MDR-5102 (12 x DS1)
  • MDR-5202 (8 x DS1)
  • MDR-5302 (4 x DS1)
  • MDR-5402 (12 x DS1)
  • MDR-5106 (12 x DS1)
  • MDR-5206 (8 x DS1)
  • MDR-5306 (4 x DS1)
  • MDR-5111 (12 x DS1)
  • MDR-5606 (1 x DS3: Ver.1 & 2)