Alcatel MDR-4000 Enhanced

Alcatel MDR-4000e Repair, 100% Tested, 1-Year Warranty, Unparalleled Free Tech Support, NO Out-of-Box Failures - Period.

The Alcatel MDR-4000e family of high capacity digital radios was built upon the platform of the proven MDR-4000 Classic Series. By adapting to meet ever-changing network requirements, the Alcatel microwave family remains a cost-effective alternative for transporting up to 135 Mb/s of digitized voice and data for a wide variety of users.

The Alcatel MDR-4000e retained all of the standard features and functions of the MDR-4000 Classic. The MDR-4000e operates in the 2, 4, 5, 6, upper 6, 7-8 and 11 GHz frequency bands, using many of the same RF/IF modules and common platform as its predecessor. The primary changes were in the areas of the modulators and demodulators, and the service shelf.

Mass Microwave Corp. provides Alcatel MDR-4000e Repairs, Alcatel MDR-4000e Sales and Alcatel MDR-4000e Fully Tested Spare Parts:

  • MDR-4106e (1 x DS3)
  • MDR-4206e (2 x DS3)
  • MDR-4306e (3 x DS3)
  • MDR-41U6e (1 x DS3)
  • MDR-42U6e (2 x DS3)
  • MDR-43U6e (3 x DS3)
  • MDR-4108e (1 x DS3)
  • MDR-4208e (2 x DS3)
  • MDR-4308e (3 x DS3)
  • MDR-4111e (1 x DS3)
  • MDR-4211e (2 x DS3)
  • MDR-4311e (3 x DS3)