Microwave Radio Corp Analog Video

Adaptive Broadband / California Microwave

The MRC FLR Series radios and the MA-23CX and the MA-23VX are the names of MRC's modern analog, fixed, point-to-point microwave radios. Advanced technology, assorted output power levels, field tunable abilities, IF phase locking circuitry, internal audios and ergonomic improvements are just a few of the features utilized in this newer family of radios. Additional audio subcarriers can be transmitted using the PAC-10 audio modulator and the PAC-12 audio demodulator.

The more common configurations of the MRC Analog Fixed Microwave Radios and Audios are:

  • MRC FLR-6
  • MRC FLH-6
  • MRC FLR-12
  • MRC FLH-12
  • MA-23VX
  • MA-23CX
  • PAC-10 Audio Modulator
  • PAC-12 Audio Demodulator