Digital Microwave Spectrum II
The DMC Spectrum II Series of digital microwave radios provides a common platform for applications across multiple frequencies and capacities (Multiple Frequency Platform). To keep options to a minimum, a synthesized frequency source, network management interfaces, a wide-range power supply, and a full-featured orderwire are incorporated into every Spectrum II. Advanced software standard in every Spectrum II allows the user to set the radio's frequency channel during installation and modify system options and settings through an easy-to-use Windows®-based program. Using a laptop on location provides the user with flexibility during installation and offers advanced diagnostics for maintenance.

This radio series is available in frequencies from 7 GHz to 38 GHz and in North American capacities of 2/4/8/16 x DS1 and 1 x DS3 and CEPT capacities of 2/4/8/16 x E1 and E3.

  • Assorted Frequencies (15 GHz, 18 GHz, 23 GHz, 31 GHz and 38 GHz)
  • Assorted North American Capacities (2 x DS1, 4 x DS1, 8 x DS1, 1 x DS3)
  • Assorted CEPT Capacities (4 x E1, 8 x E1, 16 x E1)