Digital Microwave (DMC/Stratex) Radios
DMC Stratex Networks, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of digital microwave solutions, offers a complete product family that covers the transmission needs of voice, data, and video. Whether the need is for a long-distance trunk line, moving information across a city, solving a campus data transmission need without trenches and cables, or moving large amounts of telecommunications traffic, DMC Stratex has a solution.

Since 1984, customers in more than 72 countries have purchased more than 145,000 DMC Stratex Networks' radios operating 24 hours a day in environments of nearly every kind.

Since 1995, Mass Microwave has been one of North America's most proficient and dominant secondary market repair facilities for DMC's legacy microwave radios. With thousands of parts in stock, Mass Microwave will continue to extend the life of your older DMC microwave radio network well into the future.