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Massachusetts Microwave Corp.
485 Great Road, Suite 6
Acton, MA 01720-4162
(978) 635-1556 (V)
(978) 635-1557 (F)

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Massachusetts Microwave Corp:

Company Profile

Straight - like the microwave signal emitted by your transmit antenna. Massachusetts Microwave Corporation delivers straight answers to your questions. Serving the telecom and broadcast industries for over 22 years, Massachusetts Microwave Corporation is a leading supporter of Alcatel, Digital Microwave Corp. (DMC) and M/A-COM (Microwave Associates) point-to-point microwave radios.

Our dedication to high quality, pre-owned, point-to-point microwave radios, spare parts, repairs and technical support is inimitable.

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Mass Microwave


Microwave Radio Sales, Rentals & Technical Services

  • Sales of radio parts and complete radio links
  • Rentals of digital radio links (Licensed and unlicensed)
  • Rentals of analog video links (Licensed and unlicensed)
  • Sales of mods and demods to upgrade your NTSC analog microwave link to HD
  • Rentals of HD/SD video links (Licensed and unlicensed)
  • Repair, retune and testing of radio links and spare parts
  • Field services (New England states only)
  • Purchasing surplus microwave radio equipment

Microwave Radio Accessories:

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  • Waveguide Dehydrators
  • Flexible Waveguide
  • Waveguide to Coax Adapters
  • Waveguide and Coaxial Transitions
  • Rigid Waveguide: Straights, Bends and Twists
  • Attenuators and Low Loss Coax Cables
  • DS1/DS3/OC3 Test equipment

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